Dec 2

SpIRIT: An Australian-Italian Success in Space

The Space Industry Responsive Intelligent Thermal nanosatellite (SpIRIT for short), an Australian-Italian collaborative project, has successfully lifted off aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The launch marks a significant leap in space research and industry, particularly for Australia and Italy. The University of Melbourne and the Italian Space Agency (ASI) spearheaded the SpIRIT mission, Australia’s […]

Oct 10

Countdown starts for SpIRIT, the satellite mission led by University of Melbourne

The SpIRIT nanosatellite is beginning its journey to orbit and has left Australia for the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California to be blasted into orbit 550km above the Earth on a Space X Falcon-9 rocket later this year. SpIRIT was developed by a co-funded consortium led by the Melbourne Space Laboratory at the University […]

May 5

HERMES Pathfinder & SpIRIT family picture

Seven identical X-ray and gamma-ray spectrometers have been fully tested and calibrated at FBK, IAAT/EKUT  and INAF facilities. Although very compact and lightweight (1U=10×10-10cm, 1.6kg) these miniaturized instruments are quite advanced: they cover the very broad 3-1000 keV energy range with a resolution of about 300eV in the X-dray band and 6% in the gamma-ray […]


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