01/02/2021 “GRB simulations and localisation techniques applied to the HERMES mini-constellation of CubeSats”, Alessandro Riggio

04/03/2021 “Everything you ever wanted to know about background but you never had the courage to ask, and much more…”, Riccardo Campana

09/04/2021 “GRB localisation methods and background simulations”, Masanori Ohno and Riccardo Campana

10/05/2021  “Detection rate simulations of long and short GRBs”, Lara Nava and Giancarlo Ghirlanda

07/06/2021 “On-board triggering algorithms applied to GRBs as observed by HERMES”, Giuseppe Dilillo

19/07/2021 “Precise reconstruction of the satellite orbits during the HERMES mission”, Mile Karlica and Pavel Efremov

23/09/2021 “The status of the HERMES mission”, Fabrizio Fiore – “GRBs obtained by the cubesat GRBAlpha”, Jakup Ripa

5/11/2021 “The latest scientific results obtained by the FERMI observatory”, Elisabetta Bissaldi 

19/11/2021 GRBAlpha: a 1U CubeSat for GRB Observation in Flight”Jakub Řípa, Norbert Werner

06/12/2021 “Statistical algorithm (NAZGUL) to localise GRBs”, Micheal Burgess (Max Planck Institute) 

31/01/2022 “Quantum Gravity phenomenology with multi-satellite telescopes”, Prof. Giovanni Amelino-Camelia (Univ. Federico II – Naples) 

28/02/2022 “Simulations of GRB time profiles: pros and cons of different approaches”, Prof. Cristiano Guidorzi (Univ. of Ferrara)

06/04/2022 Cosmology with Gamma-Ray Bursts”, Dr. Lorenzo Amati (INAF OAS Bologna)

09/05/2022 “Prospects for cosmological and population GRB studies with Konus-Wind”, Dr. Anastasia Tsvetkova (UNICA)


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