Apr 17


Pronti a tuffarvi nei misteri dell’universo? È in arrivo “Cosmos”, un ciclo di incontri “spaziali” legati al progetto europeo Hermes-sp, che punta a indagare alcuni tra i fenomeni astrofisici più estremi sfruttando tecnologie innovative. Si parte martedì 27 aprile, e ce ne sarà per tutti i gusti: dalle onde gravitazionali ai misteriosi lampi radio veloci, […]

Feb 14

Fabrizio Fiore nuovo direttore dell’Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste

Congratulazioni e buon lavoro al Prof. Fabrizio Fiore, nuovo direttore dell’Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste! Fabrizio Fiore, ha diretto per sei anni l’Osservatorio astronomico di Roma. Precedentemente ha lavorato negli Stati Uniti, allo Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, e poi a Roma presso l’Agenzia spaziale italiana, al Centro dati scientifici di BeppoSax. Buon lavoro!

Jan 21

HERMES-SP/TP starts the integration and test activities for the Proto Flight Model

The first flight unit to be produced is the so called Proto Flight Model (PFM), including both payload and Service Module PFMs. This activity follows the positive conclusion of the Critical Design Review (CDR) of both HERMES-SP and HERMES-TP project during the last October and November 2020. Most of the work of testing and verification […]

Sep 26

New Quality Manager

September 14 2020 Dr. Natalia Auricchio, INAF-OAS, has been appointed as new HERMES-SP and HERMES-TP Payload Quality Manager. Among her duties: drafting the Product Assurance Plan and devising and reviewing specifications for payload elements, subsystems, integration procedures and tests. Natalia has a long experience in the field of High Energy Astrophysics instrumentation and product assurance for […]

Jul 27

Integration of HERMES detector system at FBK Labs

The activities of integration and test of the hermes payload resumed at FBK labs starting from the beginning of June 2020 with the preparation of the jigs needed for the integration, and the finalization of the procedure for the SDD reinforcement.  Schedule (Jul. 27 – Sept. 11) 1 Crystal Wrapping & crystal box assembly 2020 […]

May 17

Spirit & HERMES, a new partnership for innovative space science and technology

  The SpIRIT (Space Industry Responsive Intelligent Thermal) project, led by Michele Trenti, from the University of Melbourne, has been awarded a $3.95 million Australian Government grant. The funding from the International Space Investment Expand Capability Program will allow researchers to build a small satellite –  SpIRIT – to be launched in space by 2022 in collaboration with multiple Australian […]

May 15

Mid term milestone reached!

The HERMES-SP project reached its mid term milestone the last April 30 2020.The following 10 documents were prepared and submitted on the EC portal for a total of more than 1000 pages: D1.4 Interim periodic report M1-M18 WP1 INAF D3.1 Payload Design Document WP3 INAF D3.2 Design Definition File (Space Segment) WP3 POLIMI D3.3 Design […]

May 1

M18 project milestone reached!

On April 30th, 2020, despite the covid-19 epidemic, HERMES-SP has successfully met the M18 project milestone. Bravo! to all out scientists, engineers, students and all the HERMES-SP team for making this possible. Now heading forward to the launch! Next destination: Space.


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