Apr 22

First light for the HERMES space telescope on board SpIRIT

The University of Melbourne, the Italian Space Agency, Australian Space Agency and the Italian National Institute of Astrophysics have announced the successful scientific operations of the HERMES Pathfinder space telescope instrument on board the SpIRIT satellite. The space telescope earlier this year successfully collected light particles known as photons during a brief observation lasting about […]

Dec 2

SpIRIT: An Australian-Italian Success in Space

The Space Industry Responsive Intelligent Thermal nanosatellite (SpIRIT for short), an Australian-Italian collaborative project, has successfully lifted off aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The launch marks a significant leap in space research and industry, particularly for Australia and Italy. The University of Melbourne and the Italian Space Agency (ASI) spearheaded the SpIRIT mission, Australia’s […]

Oct 10

Countdown starts for SpIRIT, the satellite mission led by University of Melbourne

The SpIRIT nanosatellite is beginning its journey to orbit and has left Australia for the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California to be blasted into orbit 550km above the Earth on a Space X Falcon-9 rocket later this year. SpIRIT was developed by a co-funded consortium led by the Melbourne Space Laboratory at the University […]

May 5

HERMES Pathfinder & SpIRIT family picture

Seven identical X-ray and gamma-ray spectrometers have been fully tested and calibrated at FBK, IAAT/EKUT  and INAF facilities. Although very compact and lightweight (1U=10×10-10cm, 1.6kg) these miniaturized instruments are quite advanced: they cover the very broad 3-1000 keV energy range with a resolution of about 300eV in the X-dray band and 6% in the gamma-ray […]

Nov 1

Integration and test of the first three HERMES Pathfinder payloads

Three HERMES Pathfinder payloads have been integrated and tested at Fondazione Bruno Kessler and INAF laboratories: the PFM, FM2 and FM3. The integration of the payload PFM into the spacecraft is planned for next weeks at Politecnico di Milano laboratories. The HERMES Pathfinder “flat-sat” implemented at Politecnico di Milano Labs. The flat-sat connects and tests […]

Jul 22

HERMES payload flight model integration into SpIRIT satellite

The SpIRIT satellite (a 6U funded by the Australian Space Agency and managed by University of Melbourne, hosts among its payloads an X-ray/gamma ray spectrometer and an S band antenna and S-band tranceiver identical to those equipping the HERMES-SP/TP constellation, in the framework of and ASI-UoM Agreement.   The HERMES X-ray/gamma-ray spectrometer FM has been […]

Sep 22

Integration Test Detector and ProtoFlight Assembly

The HERMES ProtoFlight Model detector has been tested at the various stages of the integration of the SDDs and scintillators. In the first week of August 2021 the front-end electronics and the SDD detectors have been tested in FBK laboratories. In the third week of August the integration with scintillator crystals has been performed. The […]

Jul 15

5th ESA CubeSat Industry Space Days, 1-3 June 2021

Event link: https://atpi.eventsair.com/QuickEventWebsitePortal/5thcubesatindustrydays/website Agenda: https://atpi.eventsair.com/QuickEventWebsitePortal/5thcubesatindustrydays/website/Agenda/AgendaItemDetail?id=c7ce6578-ce86-4d7b-a380-25b0fae1ae75 Presenter: Dejan Gačnik – SkyLabs When: 2nd of July 2021, Virtual event CID – SkyLabs – NANOsky I Platform_v7 HERMES-SP slide – CID – SkyLabs – NANOsky I Platform_v7

Jul 14

HSP Consortium meeting, July 21st 2021

Agenda July 21st The main goals of the July 21st consortium meeting are: 1) inform the consortium on the development on both flight and ground segment, and on the program;2) start the discussion to prepare the review meeting of next October 2021 (with EC PO and experts). The focus of the October review meeting will […]


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