Sep 26

HERMES-SM payload Demonstration Model environmental tests at Politecnico di Milano

September 28 – October 2 2020

The complete payload DM (Detector System and three electronic boards) will undergo a full week of tests @POLIMI during the Sept 28 – Oct. 2 week.
Two main series of tests will be performed:

-Thermal Balance test, to validate the thermal model;

-Vibration test, to validate the FEM model.




The following movie clip shows the DM at INAF-IAPS Roma after integration of the Detector System with the Back End Electronic (BEE), Power Supply Unit (PSU) and Payload Data Handling Unit (PDHU) boards.

The full DM after integration at IAPS lab 
ready to be shipped to POLIMI for environmental tests
September 30 DM Vibration Test at POLIMI

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