Jul 27

Integration of HERMES detector system at FBK Labs

The activities of integration and test of the hermes payload resumed at FBK labs starting from the beginning of June 2020 with the preparation of the jigs needed for the integration, and the finalization of the procedure for the SDD reinforcement. 


1Crystal Wrapping & crystal box assembly2020 June 30. @FBK + INAF team
2ABS and Kovar frame manufactorig2020 July 7-13. @FBK
3Glueing pf ABS and Kovar frame on SDD2020 July 14-22. @FBK
4Probe station measurements of reinforced SDDs 2020 July 16-24. @FBK + INFN Trieste
5FEE PCB ASIC glueing2020 July 16-20. @FBK
6FEE PCB reinforced SDD glueing2020 July 31 – Aug. 4. @FBK
7FEE PCB bonding step 12020 Aug. 5-11. @FBK
8FEE PCB ASICs electrical tests2020 Aug.10-13. @FBK + INAF/PoliMI team
9FEE PCB bonding step 22020 Aug. 14. @FBK
10FEE PCB complete electrical tests2020 Aug. 17-19. @FBK + INAF team
11 Crystal Box integration with FEE PCB2020 Aug 21. @FBK + INAF team
12Functional test detector system2020 Aug. 24-26. @FBK + INAF team
13Detector system transfer to Roma INAF/IAPS2020 Aug. 27
14Detector system characterisation2020 Aug. 28 – Sept. 3 @INAF/IAPS




Crystal Wrapping & crystal box assembly

2020 June 30

FBK Labs + INAF team

Before the integration of the scintillator crystals with the FEE-PCB, each crystal shall be individually wrapped with reflecting paper, and then assembled in 12 groups of 5 crystals each.
Insert one by one the 12 crystals groups into the rectangular slots.    
Figures show the crystal box populated with 60 wrapped GAGG crystals.

ABS and Kovar frame manufactorig

2020 July 7-13

FBK Labs

SDD are fragile and before integration needs to be reinforced. The solution chosen after many mechanical and thermal tests performed in the months of February, May and June 2020 is to use ABS+Kovar frames.
Both FEM+thermal analyses and tests in thermal chamber validated this solution.

Glueing of ASIC OnFEE board

FEE PCB ASIC glueing


ASICs bonding step1 is starting on July 30.

Followed activities will be developed soon.

  • Electrilcal tests of ASICs
  • Bonding step 2 (anodes)
  • Functional tests with a Fe radiactive source
  • Cristal box integration with FEE board and its support structure
  • Detector system transfer to IAPS Roma
  • Characterization test with hard X-ray sources.

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