May 15

Mid term milestone reached!

The HERMES-SP project reached its mid term milestone the last April 30 2020.
The following 10 documents were prepared and submitted on the EC portal for a total of more than 1000 pages:

  • D1.4 Interim periodic report M1-M18 WP1 INAF
  • D3.1 Payload Design Document WP3 INAF
  • D3.2 Design Definition File (Space Segment) WP3 POLIMI
  • D3.3 Design Definition File (MOC) WP3 DEIMOS
  • D3.4 SOC design document WP3 UNICA
  • D4.1 Payload System Assembly, Integration, and Testing Plan WP4 INAF
  • D5.1 System Assembly, Integration, and Verification Plan WP5 POLIMI
  • D5.2 Ground Support Equipment WP5 POLIMI
  • D8.6 Communication plan RP2 WP8 FPM
  • D8.7 Market studies and innovation plan WP8 FPM

The documents present the detailed design of both flight and ground segments, and the flight segment integration and test plans, with a detailed schedule, which is consistent with the production, test, qualification and test of three flight units by Nov. 2021.
The schedule takes into account a delay of about three months due to the Covid-19 emergency.
Should the emergency resume or get worse in the following months, the schedule must be updated and accordingly the project should be extended.

INAF, FBK and EKUT laboratories started to be again partially available starting from the beginning of May 2020.
Detector system integration and test activities resumed at these laboratories, even if at a pace slower than normal.

Accurate metrology measurements on the detector system crystal box at INAF-IAPS labs
Mechanics needed for integration prepared at FBK labs
Steps in the fabrication of the silicon pad that acts as a optical contact between SDD and scintillator crystals

We hope that POLIMI laboratories will be accessible again starting from the beginning of June 2020.

Development of both PDHU and OBC on board software is proceeding at EKUT and POLIMI.

Mid term review meeting will be held in virtual form on next June 24-25 2020. Presentations will include a progress report on the project, matter from the M18 deliverables listed above, as well as revisions of the deliverables for the M12 milestone.

The project Critical Design Review will be held in two phases. The first during the June 24-25 meeting, concerning the assessment and verification of the design using analytic tools. The second mid October 2020, concerning sub-system functional and ambient tests.
Our payload engineers Yuri Evangelista and Raffaele Piazzola working on the accurate metrology measurements of the #HERMES-SP Payload Demonstration Model (DM) at #INAF#IAPS Labs.




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